Commercial Flooring | 3 Nifty Tricks To Design Carpet Tiles In Your Office For High Heels

Carpet tiles can visually uplift the appearance of your workplace while offering a productive and safe environment for employees. If you’re planning to refurbish your old flooring with new carpet tiles in your office, you need to consider several factors — especially if you have a lot of female employees dressed formally with high heels. Follow these tips to design your office carpet tiles for high heels.

Consider Getting Firmer Carpet Tiles

High heels can be exceptionally tricky to manoeuvre on any kind of flooring surface, but carpets are especially challenging because of their softness. When planning to purchase carpet tiles, choose firmer varieties since they hold up better against foot traffic. The backing system will play a role in the firmness of carpet tiles, so choose varieties with fibreglass, urethane or vinyl backing for added stability. You’ll also want to ensure that the carpet tiles have shorter fibres or piles because long-fibred carpets can twist against high heels and might cause your female employees to trip and fall while walking around the office.

Plan Carpet Tile Colours That Don’t Show Heel Marks Easily

Some high heels can be stressful to carpets, especially when unsightly black heel marks are left behind. Be cognisant of this problem from the start and choose colours that will conceal these black heel marks instead of emphasising them. Darker colours like greys, blacks and blues hold up to high heel marks much better than lighter colours like beiges, creams and whites. This choice is vital because you don’t want to organise professional carpet cleaning more often than necessary, which could negatively hurt your business profits over time.

Organise Repairs For Damaged Tiles

Keep in mind that any office flooring with high foot traffic is at risk of getting damaged. For instance, carpets can tear when employees move desks or tiles can chip when a large piece of equipment accidentally falls. Carpet rolls aren’t flexible when it comes to making changes because you will need to replace the entire flooring. On the other hand, carpet tiles are far more flexible because you simply need to replace portions of the damaged flooring instead of the entire area. This not only protects women in high heels from slipping hazards in your office, but it also reduces your longstanding maintenance costs.

When you’re considering flooring options, also think about other tiles for certain areas in the office, like the entryway and break rooms, as this can make those spaces easier to maintain.

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How Live Answering Services Can Boost Client Retention And Help To Grow Your Business

Although it’s always desirable for any business to seek new prospects and clients, it’s also extremely important to look after the customers you already have.  But how can you guarantee a quick response to your clients’ calls if you have to leave your office for extended periods during the working day? And what about dealing with overseas customers or those in a totally different time zone? 

Read on to find out how a good live answering service can help you.

Speaking with a real person

No matter how much information you provide for your clients on your website and regardless of how efficient you are at answering emails, people still prefer to speak directly to a human being when they have a query.  A lack of response to their phone calls or merely getting through to a voicemail service or automatic message is a sure way of alienating, frustrating and potentially losing those important existing customers. 

A good live answering service means that your existing customers can be confident of always getting through to a real person, 24/7.  However, for a really good customer service experience to be provided, it’s important that your answering service staff have access to existing customer information and an understanding of likely queries relating to invoices, orders, etc. that may arise.

Why good customer service is so important for your existing clients

Obviously, customers who place regular orders for your goods or services are important when it comes to your monthly revenue.  However, retaining them is also vital if your business is to thrive and grow. 

A poor customer service experience suffered by one client is likely to be passed on to their business contacts by way of a negative recommendation.  Those people may then feed-back this information to their own associates and suppliers, who in turn may do the same.  Add to this the likes of Twitter, Facebook and the myriad other social media sites and forums used by businesses and you can see just how rapidly and extensively your business reputation could be damaged.

A well-informed, efficient live answering service could turn the above scenario completely on its head.  Happy customers will tell their associates, and your business’ good reputation for looking after its clients will spread out like ripples across a pond.  Because of this, you may find that new clients actually come to you, thus saving you the expense and hassle of extensive marketing campaigns, whilst your business continues to grow and thrive.

In conclusion

Employing a good live answering service is a sure way of keeping your existing clients happy and indirectly boosting your marketing activity and generating new business.  Contact a company like The Message Centre for more information on live answering services.

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Ensuring the Success of Your DIY Lawn-Rolling Project

Rolling a lawn can be a good practice in your home. Whether you roll out your lawn grass every spring as part of your regular lawn maintenance, do it following a turbulent winter that has resulted in soil heaving, or if your lawn is bumpy, you need to ensure the project is a success. For this reason, to ensure an effective DIY roll-on lawn project, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Rolling On New Lawns

If you are creating a new lawn, it’s a good idea to start by making your yard level by rolling it. This should be done before seeding. After spreading the grass seeds, rolling your yard again with a lighter roller can prevent the grass seed from being buried too deep into your soil, ensuring that the seeds settle properly. However, if you are developing your lawn from turf, you will want a heavy roller for creating a level base and preventing future dips in your lawn. To enhance contact between the turf and your ground, start rolling only after the roll is down.

Don’ts When Rolling a Lawn

First, make sure to roll your lawn only after seeding and sodding, when your soil heaves after winter, or when your lawn is bumpy. Rolling a lawn any other time other than this may lead to problems with your soil. In addition, don’t roll your lawn annually because you may compact your soil and damage your lawn. Spring is among the best times to roll your lawn when there is active growth of grass.

Don’t roll your lawn when the ground is dry or soaked. If you do so on a dry ground, the grass seeds won’t be effectively pushed into the soil, affecting their contact with your lawn soil. On the other hand, soaked ground encourages compaction of the soil, affecting the effective supply of water and air to the grass. Therefore, make sure to roll your lawn when your ground is damp.

If your lawn has heavy clay soil, don’t roll a lawn on it because this type of soil can easily result in soil compaction, meaning you’d only be damaging your lawn if you roll it.

Levelling Your Yard

The best way to remove divots and bumps is levelling your ground before rolling it. To do this, remove dirt or excess soil from bumps and add them to the divots. Doing this when the soil is dry can be quicker than in wet soils where you’ll have to deal with mud. To check for any remaining divots and bumps, roll your yard to ensure that the soil is packed well.

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Choosing the Right Wheelchair Lifts For Your Vehicle

Wheelchair lifts are a magnificent invention. They are used to enable a mobility impaired individual easily get in their vehicles. In fact, these wheelchair lifts are an essential part of wheelchair vans. But you’ll need to make a decision on the kind of lift you’ll want for your van, and it is not an easy one. There are many factors that come to play. So if you’ve got a full-size mobility van and are looking for a wheelchair lift, here are some tips to help you out.

Single-arm Vs Dual arm lifts

When going through the kinds of lifts available, you’ll notice that there are single and double arm lifts. Single arm lifts normally have only one arm in a fixed position that attaches to the vehicle, but dual arm lifts have both arms fixed. Single arm lifts are meant to reduce the space needed to lift you in the vehicle because they leave the passenger entry open. That is, a non-wheelchair user can easily get in the vehicle when the wheelchair is not in use. However, since they carry their weight on one arm, they can easily fail when heavy weights are applied on it. Check the weight limits from your manufacturer’s guide.

Dual arm lifts, on the other hand, are a lot more stable. They are perfect for heavy individuals, though they take up more space. When placed at the side entrance, they easily block it and make moving in and out of the vehicle a disaster.

Rear door or side door

You also have to make a choice on your entrance of choice. There are wheelchair lifts designed for both rear and side doors, but not all of them can use the two. If you exclusively want to use the rear or side door, then be specific in making your purchase. A rear door entry is a good choice for those that use up a lot of interior space such as dual arm lifts. You’ll get in and out from the rear and won’t affect the passengers or their seats.

Mounting position

The lifts are also classified by their different mounting positions. There are internally mounted and under vehicle lifts. The difference is that the internally mounted lifts attach to the interior of the van. You’ll save money when choosing this option as opposed to under mounted lifts because they are cheaper. However, internally mounted ones use up your interior space.

Under vehicle lifts are for those that love their space. These gadgets are mounted at the bottom of the vehicle and take up no space inside your van. Passengers and seats would be free to move without any trouble. Additionally, they support more weight. But there’s a catch; these kits are more expensive.

For more information, talk to a company like Kevrek (Ricon) Australia Pty Ltd.

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Different ways to label your CDs

There are many reasons to why you would want to duplicate a CD. Maybe you’ve created a playlist you want to share with others, or possibly recorded your own music that you would like transferred to more discs. One important feature when having CDs duplicated is the looks of the CDs being the products of the duplication. There are many ways to make the CDs look personal and aesthetically pleasing. To know which execution that will suit you best, you need to know a little bit about the different ways. 

Die-cut paper

This method contains of you uploading a design to a printer which then will print images on die-cut paper. You then peel the images off and stick them to the CDs. You need to be careful when sticking the images on, as any air bubbles that form under the surface might prove to be permanent. You also need to make sure the image is straight. This method is a cheap and easy way to provide artwork for your CDs, but because of the possible complications with the execution, you might not want to choose this method for when you have many CD copies. Putting an individual image on each and every CD will take too long and be too complicated to do if you have duplicated more than a handful of CDs.

Thermal transfer

This method gives a durable result where you don’t have to do anything manually. The printer puts the image on the CD and heats it up in order to stick the image to the disc. You don’t have to purchase a thermal transfer printer yourself, as many duplication services offer this method as a part of duplicating. However, this method is rather slow, and is therefore not suited for large qualities of duplicated CDs. On smaller quantities, it usually gives a better result than die-cut paper.  

Spray-on ink

Inkjet printers are another common tool to print duplicated CDs. This method is similar to ordinary printing on paper, and leaves a lasting result that looks professional. The biggest issue with this method is that it can be quite costly as the process is rather extensive and complicated. You need to prepare the CDs with an ink made to make the disc receptive to the printing, and it also need to be sealed with a clear coat to make the printing long lasting and prevent it from smudging. It is, however, suited for large quantities of CDs and is provided by many printing and duplication services. 

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Simple Features You Don’t Want to Overlook for a Home Pressure Washer

A home pressure washer is ideal for cleaning decks, aluminum siding, and even your car. They can also clean grease and oil off tools, engines, and other car parts. Not all pressure washers are the same, and they have a wide variety of features from which to choose, many of which are often overlooked by homeowners looking to buy their first pressure washer. Note a few of these features and be sure you consider these when you’re ready to shop.

1. Nozzle degree

The nozzle degree refers to how wide the spray pattern is from the washer. The higher the degree, the wider the spray pattern. Most nozzles will allow you to adjust the pattern so that you get a wider or more narrow spray, but when choosing your first washer, be sure you opt for a nozzle with a large spray pattern. This is because a concentrated, narrow spray can actually be dangerous even from a smaller, lightweight washer. If you don’t control the wand properly, you can chip wood or even etch brick and mortar; in some cases, you can even shatter a window. Opt for a larger nozzle degree and get used to how to handle the washer, and then adjust the nozzle as you go along.

2. Pump guard

This feature holds a type of antifreeze that protects the pressure washer in colder weather. If you want to use your pressure washer during winter months or in an unheated garage, you might want to invest in a pump guard. This will ensure the water flow, detergents, and other parts of the washer don’t freeze as you use it or store it, protecting it from damage.

3. Portability

Do you plan on taking your pressure washer all over your property to clean your home’s exterior, back deck, front porch, and the like? Then it’s good to get one with wheels and a handle so you can move it around easily. You may also want to avoid an electric pressure washer, as this means dealing with a cord that you need to snake around your property and finding an outlet that is accessible. Remember that many pressure washers can be very heavy, so assuming you can simply pick it up and carry it with you to all areas of your yard can be a mistake; instead, look for portability features if you want to move your washer around.

For more information about high pressure washers, contact a local supplier. 

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Tips for Choosing Exposed Oregon Beams for Home Projects

Exposed beams can give your home a rich, stately look while making the space seem very open and airy. These beams are usually strong enough to hold up the weight of a home so you don’t need load-bearing walls, allowing you to create a footprint or design for your home that works for you. You can also use these beams for rustic-looking furniture, cabinets, and the like. Note a few tips for choosing Oregon beams that you plan to keep exposed for your home projects.

1. Free of heart center

When shopping for beams, you may see the phrase “free of heart center,” or FOHC. The heart center is the very middle or inside of the tree. This area is also called the pith, and it’s the most unstable or weakest part of the tree. 

Beams made from wood taken from the center or heart of the tree may not be suitable for any type of project that needs to hold much weight, such as for creating the frame of your home. For these projects, look for “free of heart center” or FOHC beams, meaning that the beam is not made from wood taken from this pith area or heart of the tree. You can, however, use beams without this FOHC designation for furniture, cabinets, and other minor projects that don’t need to support much weight.

2. Sawn versus dressed

Dressed timber means that it’s been sawn and then planed on all sides for the best appearance. This is the timber to use for furniture, cabinets, and the like. 

Sawn timber may be rough sawn, meaning that it’s just sawn enough to match a certain size. The appearance may still show knots and other defects, and the timber may be slightly warped or otherwise of less quality. This type of timber is often cheaper but not the best for projects that keep beams exposed. 

Fine sawn timber is cut on all four sides and may not be dressed or planed but is cut to look clean and even. This timber may be less expensive than actual dressed timber but still very suitable for projects that keep the beams exposed, and especially if you prefer the look of a few knots or pits in your wood for a very rustic appearance. Be sure you understand the differences in types of sawing and between sawn or dressed timber so you choose the best for your project without overspending on finished timber you don’t need.

For more information, contact a local timber supplier like Simply Oregon

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